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The Student Success Navigator

Its been said that there are two ways of being lost, "not knowing where you are" and "not knowing where you are going". GradeGPS helps you answer both these questions when it comes to your grades.

This handy app lets you set grade targets for each course and then track your results. You will feel in control as the school term unfolds. You will always know your current grades and what you need to meet your goals. Find out where your study time will help the most.

GradeGPS provides a convenient history of your grades as you carry on from term to term.

The best surprise is no surprise when it comes to grades. Plan for success with GradeGPS.


GradeGPS organizes your grades into terms, courses and entries. Each term has courses and each course has entries. The entries hold the actual scores achieved on your tests and assignments.

You can set a personal target for each course. When you add your entries you will be shown the grade you need in order to reach the course target.

You can assign the entry weights as provided by your instructor. If this information is not available you can use the default values to weight each entry equally, or provide your own estimates.

A popular question to answer for yourself is “what score do I need on my final exam to reach the target I have set for myself”. You can revise your targets or play with the scores during the term to see how things might turn out.

Creating a plan for yourself with GradeGPS is an effective way to help reach your goals.